Want Niche Profit Course For Free?

Here's How To Get Free Access

Step 1: Sign up for hosting using our link

Sign up for HostGator

Use coupon code: "chrisguthrie" to save money

Do not use any other coupon code you find online or you won't get free access

Previous HostGator Customer? Use BlueHost:

Sign up for BlueHost

First you’ll need to sign-up for a hosting plan with one of our providers.
Important step: You must not have been a former customer of BlueHost or HostGator (so if you had a past account with Blue Host use the Host Gator link and vice versa).

Bluehost has unlimited hosting in their regular plan
For HostGator I recommend the hosting ‘Baby Plan’ as it will allow you to create unlimited websites

Host Gator Only Step: You must at the very least set up a website on the URL that you used during the sign up process and install WordPress (or some other content management system). Host Gator looks at the website at sign up to confirm you have content on there before giving credit for the sale.

Step 2. Email The Support Team

Once you complete the sign-up process for your hosting plan and do all of the steps listed above please send an email to support[at]nicheprofitcourse.com, and mentioning the domain name you hosted with HostGator or BlueHost and the free Niche Profit Course access promotion. Please allow 1 – 2 business days to have your free account set up.

Example: “I signed up for the free Niche Profit Course promotion using mynewwebsite.com domain name with BlueHost hosting”

Step 3. Wait For Login Information

Wait for your confirmation email with the details of your Niche Profit Course member account. We have to verify the hosting information which can take some time depending on when you emailed us (if you signed up using HostGator we have to confirm the website mentioned in your email has content on the site).

Note: I do receive compensation when you order hosting through the affiliate link above; however, to truly build an online business you absolutely must have web hosting. So when you buy web hosting through the affiliate link you also get over 3 hours of video tutorial training from someone who makes thousands of dollars a month with websites and my $2,000+ custom Azon Theme absolutely free as well. This is a win win situation and I hope you take advantage of this limited time offer.

This is a win win situation. We get credit when you sign up for hosting and you get free training and a bonus WordPress theme.